ATM 03.15




ATM 03.15 has been developed to allow the complete substitution of the oil for every type of automatic transmission (AT - DCT - CVT). It is the ideal solution for the entire maintenance cycle; it’s fully automatic and it guarantees a safe procedure of changing the automatic transmission fluid. It has been realized with high quality components and it can follow the operator step by step avoiding any kind of mistake through an easy and professional procedure.
ATM 03.15 allows the complete substitution of the old oil from the circuit, included torque converter and heat exchanger, and the restoration of the correct oil level.








  • Automatic and Semi-automatic mode of operation

  • Check of the correct connection of charge and return tubes

  • Gradual compensation between drained and injected oil (100 ml a time). This guarantees always the correct quantity of oil into the circuit,

    making the operation safe for all the components of the gearbox

  • Oil level check with car switched on

  • Automatic extra injection of 500 ml of oil for compensating possible loss

  • Oil top up

  • Internal filter with magnet to catch wear metals

  • Clogged filter alert

  • Backlighted flow meters for oil visual inspection

  • Acoustic signal at the end of every operation

  • Oil temperature sensor

  • Receipt printing











  • Additive injection

  • Debris filtration through internal filter

  • Oil pan drain

  • Heat exchanger oil change

  • Pan fill up with new oil

  • Torque converter oil change

  • Oil level check










• Standard electric 220 V 50 Hz
• 2 electronic scales with a resolution of +/- 10 gr
• Electronic board with backlighted graphic display
• Language: Italian
• 4 buttons keypad
• 1 internal pump
• 1 wet valves manifold
• 2 high pressure 1.500 mm tubes with quick connectors • 1 internal filter with magnet
• 1 oil temperature sensor
• 1 20 bar manometer
• 2 backlighted flow meters
• 2 spigots
• 2 front steering lockable wheels
• 1 electric cable
• 1 fittings kit bag